Smart business planning to help achieve success


Plan for the future

  • To help you plan more effectively, we’re providing this tool for free
  • Step-by-step help producing a personalised business plan
  • Find out your potential profitability with easy financial forecasting
  • Tips on key business tasks like market and competitor analysis


FREE to AIB customers   RRP €20

Simple planning

Access all the help you need creating each section of your business plan, with detailed guides and sample plans to provide examples.

Find out your potential profitability

Project how profitable your business could be over the next three years, giving you a set of figures to help illustrate the potential of your business.

Fast financial forecasts

You don’t need any previous accountancy experience to create your financial projections. Just enter your figures and the easy-to-use wizard will create the forecasts for you.

Perform key business analyses

Receive step-by-step help performing key analyses including market, competitor and SWOT. Build a strategy for growing your business with an effective marketing plan.

Get a better grip on cash flow

Create a financial projection to predict ahead of time which months could see a dip in cash flow, so you can plan your finances accordingly.

Stay focused on your goals

Monitor how well your business plans are progressing, by setting out tangible goals and timelines you can compare against.

Revolutionise the way a business is run

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Declan Byrne
R&B Locksmiths

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New Haven Dècor